Look Up! 5 Tips for Filling in Thin Brows

Powder Up
Eyebrow powder can give a more natural look.
Eyebrow powder can give a more natural look.
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Eyebrow powder can help you create robust and natural-looking brows. Most eyebrow powders are sold in a compact with an angled brush and are similar to the type of powder you may use on your eyelids. In fact, if you have trouble finding the correct shade of brow powder, you could substitute a matte eye shadow.

Whether you opt for brow powder or an eye shadow stand-in, you'll generally want to select a color that's a shade lighter than your eyebrows. If you have blonde hair, try a slightly darker shade. Not only will the color look more natural, but it will be easier to blend in with your existing brow hair.

It may take a practice run (or two), but applying eyebrow powder will soon take only seconds. Start by going against the grain -- use short strokes to brush the powder on your brows, beginning at the outer edge and progressing to the inner corner. Although your brows may be a tangled mess for a moment, applying the color this way will ensure it reaches your skin. To blend the powder and finish your newly luscious brows, use a brow brush to push them back into place [source: Glennon].

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