Look Up! 5 Tips for Filling in Thin Brows

Apply a Pencil

Every time I reach for an eyebrow pencil, images of my grade school librarian dance through my head. An altogether lovely lady, she nonetheless had no eyebrows -- save the two she dutifully drew on every morning. Check out a book and you'd be greeted by two distinct brown arches, one of which veered off toward her temple rather than concluding in a delicate arch. It was as if her left brow was continually attempting a run for her receding hair line.

The approach to eyebrow pencil application now follows a much softer approach. Instead of a continuous line, use short, feather-like strokes to apply color to the skin under your eyebrows. This will result in a fuller-looking brow. To make your brows appear thicker, pencil on color along the lower edge of your brow from the inner corner to the outer corner. While you'll want to follow your brow's natural line, extending the color slightly onto your skin will create a lush line. Just be sure to blend this outline into the brow above. Finish the look by running an eyebrow brush through hair to completely blend the product [source: Gould].