Look Up! 5 Tips for Filling in Thin Brows

Eyebrows don't have to look too thin.
Eyebrows don't have to look too thin.
Vincent Besnault/Taxi/Getty Images

Sometimes thin is in -- when it comes to eyebrows, that is. If yours were ever tweezed to the point of extinction and then coaxed back into existence, odds are a few sparse spots still need some help. Perhaps your brows became follicle-challenged as you aged. Or you never had much brow hair to begin with. Whatever the challenge, you don't have to live with thin brows when lush is en vogue. From cosmetic to chemical solutions, there are plenty of ways to boost your brows.

Before we explore the options, however, it's worth noting there's one fix most experts are slow to recommend: brow tattoos. When dye is injected under the skin to form a faux brow, the process that can cost several hundred dollars. And if your brows aren't inked exactly as you'd like them, there's little you can do except opt for laser removal that can cost thousands of dollars and leave you right back at square one -- with virtually no eyebrows at all [source: Monroe].

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