5 Tips for Choosing Pigmented Eye Shadows


Pick Colors That Complement Your Eyes

When picking out pigmented eye shadows, your first priority should always be to find colors that show off your eyes; after all, the whole point of eye shadow is to enhance your eye color and help eyes sparkle. There are two basic schools of thought on matching eye color to makeup; from a distance, choosing eye shadow that matches your eye color helps eyes stand out. Scientists call this the spreading effect. When viewed from up close however, eye shadow that matches your eyes can actually detract from your eye color, making it look muddy or blurry. To keep your makeup from competing with your baby blues (or browns, greens, and so on) when you're getting up close and personal, choose pigmented shadows in hues that naturally complement your eyes. Blue-eyed ladies should look for pigments in earthy shades like copper or bronze, while brown-eyed girls can make eyes pop with pigments in blue or violet hues. Got green eyes? Complement your natural coloring with pigmented shadows in shades of plum or reddish-purple.