5 Tips for Choosing Pigmented Eye Shadows


Pick Your Powder

Before you can even begin to select shadow colors, narrow your choices down between loose and pressed powders. Loose pigments come in small jars, and feature a lightweight, airy consistency. These products are highly concentrated and provide a potent dose of color in a small package. Pressed powders feature a solid, cakelike consistency, similar to traditional eye shadows. So how do you choose? First consider your makeup application skills; if you own a set of high-quality makeup brushes and know how to use them, loose pigments offer the richest, purest colors for your peepers. If you don't want to invest in makeup brushes, or you want something that's easier to apply, look for pressed powder pigments instead. Keep in mind that loose pigments are easier to blend to create custom colors and are also less likely to clump and crease than pressed powders, which contain some oils and fillers that help hold them together.