5 Tips for a Perfect Cat Eye


Finishing Touches

The final step to get the perfect cat eye is to apply mascara -- and lots of it.
The final step to get the perfect cat eye is to apply mascara -- and lots of it.

Are you loving your new look so far? Before you bounce out the door to show it off, there's one more step -- mascara and lots of it. You should apply two to three coats of your favorite mascara to complete your perfect the cat eye. This look will draw others to your eyes, so you want to make sure your lashes are perfected as well. Since you already curled them in step one, they're just begging for mascara. Curled and coated, your lashes will help add to the upward motion of this look. As for the rest of your makeup, keep it simple. A more natural look with your blush will help set off the cat eye and bring more attention to all your hard work.

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