5 Steps to Tame, Shape and Wow Your Brows


Some eyebrow hair is naturally well-behaved. Some stays put for a good 10 seconds and then does whatever it wants. If yours falls into the latter category, you may want to apply one of these to keep them tame throughout the day:

  • petroleum jelly
  • mustache wax
  • hair gel
  • eyebrow mascara (pretty much hair gel in mascara format)

Any of these will hold the hairs in place and add definition to the overall look. A tiny amount is all you need, and your finger or a Q-tip will work fine as applications. With the petroleum jelly and hair gel, especially, be sure to dab off the excess to prevent too much shine.

Another option if you're out and about is lip balm. If you're in a pinch, put a small amount on your finger tip and swipe it across your eyebrows. Just make sure it doesn't have any tint or sparkle in it. Unless that's what you're going for ...

... in which case, runway-shmunway -- eyebrow jewels may be perfect for you.

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