5 Steps to Tame, Shape and Wow Your Brows


Fill in the Gaps

Few of us have perfectly distributed eyebrow hair. Gaps and thin spots are natural. So is plucking-related human error. Here, we're filling those areas in.

Eyebrow pencils and powder shadows are both useful tools. Pencils are precise and can mimic the look of a hair; shadow is a softer look and can also help to blend or blur overly sharp pencil marks.

Pencils should be sharp, and powder brushes should be thin and angled. Be sure to work with a color that matches your eyebrow, which is typically a shade or two darker than the hair on your head.

With your pencil, powder or both, disguise any bald spots with quick, light strokes. Try to mimic the look of a hair instead of fully coloring the area, which will look obvious up close. If you have very sparse eyebrows and must use pigment to complete your shape, try an eyebrow stencil. You can find one in any brow style, and it makes precision a whole lot easier.

Hopefully, we're now wearing shapely, flattering, well-populated eyebrows. Now, let's try to keep them that way.