5 Steps to Tame, Shape and Wow Your Brows

Follow the Rules

Knowing which shape suits you best is a great start, but there's something else, something bigger, something universal -- shaping mistakes, pretty common ones, that can turn any eyebrow bad.

The following are some eyebrow rules to live by:

  • Never, ever pluck brows down to a toothpick. It makes the rest of you look huge and tends to age the face.
  • Never pluck brows out entirely in favor of drawing them in from scratch. It may make it easier to create the perfect shape, but hair always looks better than pencil marks.
  • An eye and its eyebrow should line up. Start the innermost point of the eyebrow above the innermost corner of the eye, and finish it at or just slightly beyond the outermost corner.
  • As it does with bodies and faces, balance looks great on an eyebrow. Seek an even width across the brow line, as opposed to the ever-popular big start and wispy finish.
  • Keep it smooth, regardless of shape. Avoid hard angles and steep inclines, which look unnatural on almost anyone.

Memorize and internalize the yesses and the nos, because in the next step, we're pulling out hair.