5 Steps to Tame, Shape and Wow Your Brows


Find Your Shape

Your face is unique, yes; but it also likely has a general shape that beauty experts have recognized. For eyebrow purposes, most faces can be characterized as some variety of oval, round, square, heart or long, and your ideal eyebrow hinges considerably on which one you are.

No need to break out protractor here; it's about general proportions:

  • A long face is often narrow and has an evenly proportioned forehead, jaw and chin line.
  • A heart-shaped face is often shorter and has a wider forehead compared to both the jaw and the chin.
  • A square face has a relatively wide, evenly proportioned forehead and jaw and a smaller chin.
  • A round face is widest in the middle and has an evenly proportioned, slightly narrower forehead and chin.
  • An oval face is like a round one only longer and narrower.

While none of these is better than any other, most women strive for soft, slender, graceful and even. Brows can help do that. To create the illusion of a more balanced face:

  • A long face calls for a low or flat arch, which won't add any length.
  • A heart-shaped face calls for a high, rounded arch to match the chin.
  • A round face calls for a high, peaked arch that lengthens and narrows.
  • A square face calls for a fuller brow with arches that line up roughly with the jaw line to balance the widest points of the face.
  • An oval face calls for any eyebrow shape.

Yes, ovals can wear pretty much anything, but even ovals need to follow the basic eyebrow rules to make it work.

What rules, you ask?