5 Steps to Tame, Shape and Wow Your Brows

Good brows frame and balance your face.
Good brows frame and balance your face.
Christopher Robbins/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Women will go to great lengths to have great eyebrows -- and lots of men, too, for that matter. The popularity of eyebrow tattoos over the last several decades, and the more recent rise of implants (yep), can attest to the surprising power these hairy little crescents wield over face appeal.

Most of us, of course, stick with some variation on the revisable, cheaper tweezer-and-pencil approach. Sadly, we often get it wrong -- wrong shape, wrong size, wrong overall technique, and end up diligently creating a set of eyebrows that looks, well, not good.

Eyebrows should lift the eyes. They should balance the shape of the face. They should, in most cases, exist in the beauty background, though the eyebrow jewels on the runway at Chanel for Fall 2012 might have changed some minds on that.

Back to the real world, though, what does it take to achieve the ideal eyebrow? The first step is to know there is no "ideal eyebrow." There is an ideal eyebrow for you, and determining what that looks like starts with taking a good look at your face ...