5 Eyelash Enhancement Secrets


Surgical Eyelash Restoration and Enhancement

Your eyelashes do more than give you the big, doe-eyed look of a Mila Kunis. They help protect your eyes from airborne particulates. They also register tiny changes in air flow that can alert your eyes to approaching threats like bugs and trigger a protective blink at the appropriate time. That's our polite way of saying that eyelashes have a more important job to do than just make you look good.

Losing your eyelashes is no joke. It happens more frequently than you may think, too. Congenital disorders of the eye can result in poor lash development, and medical treatments like chemotherapy can cause lashes to fall out temporarily. High heat can singe lashes off, too. Some of these conditions are reversible, while others may require surgery to transplant hair from other parts of the body, like the scalp or the neck, to the eyelids. Until recently, eyelash restoration was considered a therapeutic rather than a cosmetic procedure. Its use as an eyelash enhancement process is becoming more widespread, though. Think of it as hair plugs for the eyelids. It's actually the only permanent solution to the problem of inadequate eyelashes. Before you start dialing your favorite plastic surgeon, remember that surgery always involves risks, so weigh the potential benefits carefully.

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