5 Eyelash Enhancement Secrets


Single Lash Application

Where eyelash strips may be too much of a good thing, single lashes might be the perfect solution. The idea is simple: Just use a little adhesive to add individual lashes where you need them. You may have a tiny bald spot on your lid thanks to a minor makeup removal disaster, or just like a somewhat fuller look across your entire lid. If you've ever played with glue and construction paper, you know how hard it can be to get anything accomplished with sticky fingers. Single lashes aren't expensive, but applying them can be tricky, sticky and time consuming. Practice makes perfect here, too.

If you think you may be short of patience for this kind of project, some salons will perform the service for you. The procedure takes a couple of hours, but the results can be impressive and last up to two months -- and survive a dip in the pool while looking sensational. The price tag for the service: $250 and up for a full set of lashes.