5 Eyelash Enhancement Secrets


Eyelash Strips

If your natural lashes aren't thick enough or long enough, you can dispense with goopy, messy mascara and use false eyelashes instead. Strips are a fast, one stop shopping solution for skimpy eyelashes. They are actually thin, curved bands or bars that contain multiple single lashes. You glue the strips to your eyelids next to your real eyelashes. Eyelash strips are available in lots of designs and materials. Mink lashes are big these days, as are designs that are somewhat less dense and full than the ones you may be familiar with. Where eyelash strips are concerned, it can still be an embarrassment of riches, though. It's easy to overdo it and look like a 1930s movie vamp. That's why strips are often reserved for evening wear when striking makeup effects are considered dramatic rather than extreme.

One big trick to making the eyelash strip look work is in learning to apply strips close to your real lashes with as little glue as possible. That sounds simple, but it can be a challenge to add the glue, hold your lid closed and apply the strip in a few of deft steps. To make the process easier, it pays to have a steady hand (go light on the lattes), a freestanding makeup mirror, good lighting and lots of practice.