5 Eyelash Enhancement Secrets



The fastest and easiest way to achieve longer, thicker lashes is by using mascara. This viscous lash coating is applied with a wand and works, well, like magic. It adds volume, length or curl to lashes. It's even available in a waterproof variety. All mascara isn't created equal, though. Some blends are better at making lashes look plumper, while others have shrinking agents that tug lashes into a curly shape as they dry. Check the labels carefully for terms like volumizing, curling and lengthening, and try a few brands to find out which formulation works best for you. These tips will help:

  • Waterproof mascara is an oil-based product and more difficult to remove than water soluble mascara. You may damage thin or delicate lashes trying to get it off.
  • The chemical formula is only part of the lash-lengthening equation. The shape of the wand applicator is important, too. If you want curl, choose a curvy wand tip. For volume, use a wand with a heavily bristled brush. Check a tester sample to get an idea of the wand design of a product before you buy it.
  • There are lots of mascaras around, and they can range widely in price. The experts are divided about whether or not you get a superior product if you pay more for it. When money is a consideration (and isn't it always?), start with the drug store brands and work your way up from there.