Pepper Pastor's Hair Tips

Hair Tips for Going Out

Going Out:

It's quick and easy to glam up your hair for a night on the town. Applying some hair spray to the roots of your dry hair and immediately blow-drying it upside down will give subtle but fashionable body. A great trick for any hair type.

Office to Party:

Getting off work late and running to party with no time in between? Adding some barrettes, pins or other fun hair adornments is great for livening up the locks.

Curly Hair:

If you are blessed with a curly mane, here are some tips just for you: When getting your hair cut, make sure there is a strong shape to cut, that the layers don't get too stringy or overly textured. Don't be afraid of layers, but they need to be the right layers, which are vertical layers, rather than layers that are too horizontal. For curly hair, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Use a deep conditioning product once a week.

Use a light leave-in conditioner when you style. Let your hair air-dry, rather than blow-drying it. You can let hair dry in ringlets by wrapping hair around a finger and letting it air-dry. Be gentle. Don't comb, brush, scrunch or over-touch hair. The thicker your hair, the more product you need. If your hair has finer texture, still use a generous amount of product, but coarser hair will absorb more, so layer it in. However, if your hair starts to fall, you've put in too much.

Hair Pieces: 

It’s easy to make your own clip-in hair pieces to add body or length to your hair in a way that will look natural (unlike those terrible mall extensions that are fake hair and usually don’t match people’s hair color). Beauty supply stores sell lengths of human hair in a variety of colors. You can pick out the color that will match best for you. 

They also sell clips that you can sew the hair to with a few quick stitches. Just clip the hair in and you're set. The key is to only use real human hair extensions. Artificial hair cannot be styled or washed like real hair, so it will always end up looking fake.

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