Pepper Pastor's Hair Tips

See what Pepper Pastor has to say about hair.
See what Pepper Pastor has to say about hair.

One of Cover Shot's hair guru's, Pepper Pastor says that, "being a good hairdresser means caring about people and helping them see not just what's out there, but what's beautiful from within. I want to nurture and honor who you are." Pepper offers the following tips to help you with your hair dilemmas.

Choosing a Stylist:

The most important consideration in choosing a stylist is the comfort factor. Hair styling should be a collaboration between you and your stylist, a balance of input and decision-making from each person. A stylist should not be intimidating or overbearing with opinions. It's your hair and you know it better than anyone. However, a stylist should not be totally passive or content to give you the same style for the next 40 years. They should be able to suggest ideas for new styles while considering your lifestyle and preferences.

When searching out a new stylist, go in for a free consultation (most reputable stylists will be happy to provide one). Do some homework first: As you go through your monthly magazines, tear out examples of great hairstyles you might want to try. Bring your examples in with you, so you and the stylist can discuss what would work, what wouldn't and why. This is a great test to see how collaborative they will be, and how comfortable you feel bouncing ideas off of them.

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