The Long and Short of a Great Relationship With Your Hair Stylist

Tips for a Good Relationship

If you still want an adjustment, remember: Other clients are waiting. You might try "to live with it for a while," says Sassoon's Duff. Still unhappy? Let your stylist know. If that doesn't work, or you want to change stylists, speak with the manager and "don't be afraid to jump around the salon," says Winn Claybaugh of Utah's Von Curtis Academy of Hair Design. Some salons even post signs encouraging clients to experience other stylists.

Frank Zona of Zona Salons in suburban Boston agrees people are increasingly establishing relationships with salons themselves. "Service providers change jobs relatively frequently, and if a business is well-managed, it is likely that there are many capable employees there."

Still feeling guilty about leaving your stylist? Consider a note of appreciation while expressing a desire for a change, suggests Portsmouth, N.H., stylist Sheila Philp.

Tips for a good relationship with your stylist:

1. Keep appointments. Be prompt.

2. Have reasonable expectations, communicate honestly and be up-front.

3. Avoid discussing religion, politics, sex or other stylists.

4. Remember your hair stylist is not a psychiatrist.

5. If you're unsatisfied, be specific. Be flexible in requesting an adjustment.

6. If you are pleased, say so. Tip 15 to 20 percent if appropriate.

7. Refer new clients.

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