Top 5 Tips for Long Hair

Gee, her hair looks terrific.
Gee, her hair looks terrific.

Oh, that long, shiny, bouncy shampoo-commercial hair -- we've all pined for it, but it seems like only a select few can actually achieve it. Most of us don't have a professional stylist at our beck and call (not to mention photographer and personal Photoshop artist). So how can the average girl get her long locks looking lust-worthy? A lot of it is genetics, to be sure, but with these five tips, you can be on your way to shampoo-model hair -- or close enough, anyway -- in almost no time.

And for any of you who treasure your long hair but figure you'll soon have to part ways with it and fall victim to the dreaded "mom cut" -- you might think again after reading this article.

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