10 Accessories for Short Hair


Skinny Headbands

Skinny headbands are the perfect short-hair accessory.
Skinny headbands are the perfect short-hair accessory.

Skinny headbands -- stretchy loops, U-shaped plastic or metal -- have been one of the hottest hair trends of the past few years. They look especially great with short hair, but be careful when selecting one -- anything too wide or too ornate could make you look like a third-grader. If you're in doubt, remember our handy KISS rule: Keep it simple and skinny. Doubling up on skinny headbands is also a cute -- but not too cute – look, and it opens up the possibilities for mixing colors and patterns.

Headbands (and the rest of these accessories, come to think of it) are especially handy when you're growing your hair out. It's also a good idea, if you have short hair, to create some volume at the crown when you're wearing a headband. Place the band just past your hairline, then gently tease or blow-dry the hair behind it to give it a little lift.