10 Accessories for Short Hair

Hair Paint

As far as drama goes, a pop of simple color may just be your best bet -- and you don't need to go through any kind of dying process to achieve it. There are lots of hair pants out there that you simply brush on with a skinny brush or mascara-type wand, and they don't wipe off on your clothes. Some kinds can stay in for weeks.

You'll find them in every color of the rainbow. Paint on a streak or two to add a big wow to your hair and inject some color into a neutral ensemble. Hair paint will be much more visible on light hair, but brunettes can still easily achieve a streak of color, just a more subtle one.

Whether you're into color and sparkle or neutral and understated, you've got lots of options. Short hair doesn't have to mean bare hair: Well-chosen accessories can make an already chic cut even more noteworthy.

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