21 Unforgettable Hairstyles


American actress Barbara Eden with a bouffant hairdo.
American actress Barbara Eden with a bouffant hairdo.
Photo by Screen Gems/Getty Images

5. The Bouffant: When the salon-sized hair dryer was unveiled to the beauty industry, the possibilities seemed endless. Updos and blow-dried styles were literally taken to new heights as the bouffant and the beehive created big, round silhouettes on the head.

6. The Bardot: The bombshell's film performances were only part of the reason women emulated Bardot's hairstyle -- a sexy mess of long, strawberry blonde tresses. Bardot was the antithesis of the beehive and other hairstyles of the era that represented the repressed side of women at the time.

7. The Pompadour: This was the era when T-shirts and jeans became the uniform of young men everywhere. And the pompadour, popularized by James Dean and Elvis Presley, was the haircut that went with it. Closely cut in the back, the top and sides were kept a little longer and combed up and back with hair gel for added shine. The look was masculine and instantly iconic.