Fashion Trends & Looks

Fashion trends can change quickly. Explore current fashion trends and stay current with what is in style.

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Do you suffer from fashion transference?

Fashion transference is experienced by busy moms with little time to focus on their own clothing. Find out if you are suffering from fashion transference.

Clothing Rental: Rent Some Style

Cothing rental can let you dress like a celebrity on a average-Jane dime. Learn all about clothing rental.

Could sustainable fashion let you wear the same dress for a year?

Sustainable fashion isn't something you have to buy -- you can create it yourself. Learn about sustainable fashion and how to wear a dress for a year.

Buy This, Not That: Summer Style Edition

It's time to skim the racks for some new summer fashions. Which looks should you pull and which should you pass over?

10 Office Wardrobe Crimes

These 10 office wardrobe crimes will help you avoid office wardrobe don'ts. Find out if you've committed any of these fashion mistakes.

Jorge's Top Fall Fashion Trends

Fall fashion trends usually involve classic, bold colors. Find out which trends are coming back into the spotlight this Fall season.

Thrift Store Shopping Tips

Thrift store shopping is a growing trend for fashion bargain shoppers. Learn the science behind thrift store shopping with these money-saving tips.