What Your Jeans Say About You

What Are the Different Types of Jeans?
Singer Ciara's pair of acid washed jeans fits her hip-hop persona.
Singer Ciara's pair of acid washed jeans fits her hip-hop persona.
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No matter what your age, body shape or budget, it's OK to vow to wear a current style of jeans. Why so vigilant? Even if you aren't always on-trend, there's no reason to risk frump-inspired fashion -- like high-waisted jeans.

Jeans with a high waist devote a lot of real estate to the tush and tummy -- two areas most of us don't want to accentuate. Plus, most high-waisted jeans have tapered legs that elicit an exaggerated pear shape.

Not that we're advocating going too far in the other direction. Sure, low-waisted jeans are trendy, but they're also a dead giveaway that you probably still shop in the junior section. And, because most moms do a lot of stooping and bending in the course of a day, low-rise jeans can be problematic -- especially if they show so much of your backside that the phrase "crack is wack" starts running through the minds of passersby.

Your best bet is to find a body-flattering middle ground: Jeans with a wide waistband that hits just below the navel. Whether you opt for a baggy boyfriend fit or stretchy jean-like leggings known as "jeggings," pay attention to fit.

Even if they're baggy, jeans should fit around the waist and backside. Jeggings, on the other hand, should fit to perfection -- everywhere. If there's a little extra "you" hefting over the waistband or straining the seams, jeggings might not be the most flattering choice.

Keep in mind that jeans with a price tag of less than $50 are made for the masses; you'll have to try many pairs to find just the right fit. But thanks to a simple, bling-free finish, these jeans are budget-friendly and versatile. If you need each article of clothing to serve multiple roles in your wardrobe, stick with a classic indigo wash rather than trendy enzyme or acid washes.

Once you enter the $100-plus range, manufacturers start piling on the details. If you're not careful, your jeans could say a little too much about you, thanks to ornate stitching and flashy rhinestones. If you're willing to spend more than $200 on your denim, it's a safe bet you'll pair jeans with a Coach purse or Fendi scarf, so watch for labels you'll be proud to tote. If you're spending several hundred dollars, accept nothing less than a custom, shape retaining fit. Top-tier manufacturer Borelli, for example, adds a touch of bi-directional stretch to its denim.

So now that we've looked at some basic styles of jeans, let's look at what the different trends reveal about your personality.