Buy This, Not That: Summer Style Edition

Gladiators are still hot for summer 2010.
Gladiators are still hot for summer 2010.
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Looking to update your closet full of clothes with the trendiest items for summer? Of course you are! The question is: Which of last year's pieces should you trade out for new ones?

No worries. TLC Style has you covered. Let's take a look at the staple items for summer -- from swimsuits to bags -- and kick the old stuff out of your closet for some fresh looks. And never fear -- the trendy stuff won't break the bank. You can shop high-end designers or affordable retailers for these styles.



Buy Kitten Heels, Not Stilettos

Your feet can breathe a sigh of relief. Last season's super-high stiletto heel is out, and the comfier kitten heel is in. Problem is, kitten heels don't always flatter the ankles and legs quite like those stilettos do. That's why designers like Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Betty Jackson, Lagerfeld, Louis Vuitton and Missoni are giving this shoe a makeover, with eye-catching details like stylish ribbons, straps, platform souls and even feathers.


Buy a Monokini, Not a Matchy-matchy Bikini

The two-piece swimsuit will never fade out of style. But if you want to make a statement this summer, put away your matchy-matchy bikini (and while you're at it, those outdated board shorts), and buy a monokini, a spandex cut-out, one- piece suit. Even though monokinis are one piece, they reveal skin on the front and sides of the waist, making for a sexier and trendier suit than a traditional two-piece bikini.


Buy Gladiator Sandals, Not Flip-flops

When you purchase footwear, you're probably looking for comfort, which is how the flip-flop has become your go-to summer shoe. But this season, gladiator sandals are filling the comfort and fashion-forward niche. And this trend isn't going away. These sandals go particularly well with the flowy skirts and dresses that are also on racks this summer. If you're petite, make sure to buy a flat pair that doesn't cut around your ankles, so your legs will look as long as possible.


Buy Backpacks and Bum Bags, Not Handbags

The 2010 bum bag on the runway
The 2010 bum bag on the runway
Carlo Allegri/Getty Images

The 90s are back. And so are the backpacks and bum bags made popular by the grunge movement. Bum bags are slung low around your hips, and backpacks -- well, you know where they're worn. Designers like Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton have updated these packs with embossed leather, tassels and even fur tails. But don't worry; if you can't afford designer prices, retailers like American Apparel are using nylon and denim to construct hip backpacks and bum bags that sell for affordable prices.


Buy Nudes, Not Colors

This summer, nude is in -- nude colors, that is. Instead of eye-popping blocks of color, opt for neutral tones like washed-out nutmeg, peach, gray or icy blue. When you choose neutral hues, it places emphasis on your outfit's cut and drape. And don't worry. You can still make a statement with your understated ensemble by accenting your outfit with bold accessories.


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