How to Freshen Up Your Look for Spring

Spring Makeup Tips

Did we say bright clothing is hot? Guess what ... so is bright makeup! Pick tangerine lipstick to freshen up your pout for spring. Softer, peachy shades work well if your hair and skin are light, while those with darker hair and skin can experiment with true orange or shades with yellow or red undertones. Top your lipstick with a shiny gloss, and keep the rest of your makeup natural and minimal.

Neons are also making makeup news, with lip glosses in sheer neon colors of grape, orange, and cherry pink. Fingertips get a neon pop with nail polishes with crazy names like Sizzle (a coral pink), Caliente (a bright orange), and Gargantuan Green Grape (a florescent green). On the other hand, neutral pinks and creamy whites on the nails feel new and feminine.

Eye shadows are best kept neutral if you're wearing a bold lipstick, but if you'd like to play up your eyes, dip your shadow brush into shades from the '70s like light blue and green. Orchid purples are also current. Or look to the '60s and emulate cat eyes with distinctive eyeliner and generously applied mascara.

Another must for your makeup bag this spring? Make sure you have a bronzer on hand to simulate a sun-kissed glow.

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