How to Freshen Up Your Look for Spring

Spring Hairstyles
When it comes to spring fashion, go all out -- but keep your hair simple.
When it comes to spring fashion, go all out -- but keep your hair simple.
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With all the color and intricacy going on in fashion this spring, is it any surprise that stylists are taking a minimalist approach to hair? The best hairstyles look easy and casual, even though they might require a little extra styling effort. A few trends on the runway include:

  • Glistening hair. Keep that fresh out of the shower or pool look all day long using special hair gels or oils. It's a look that works best when the rest of your look is polished and put-together.
  • Simple ponytails. Sweep your hair back low and tie it with leather or a simple barrette, or loop it around for a fashionable and sexy look.
  • Retro hairdos. Glamorous waves and pinned back looks from the 1940s and 1950s were seen on the runways at Prada and Zac Posen. These 'dos are the perfect complement to feminine fashions and special occasions.
  • Great haircuts. A great haircut it always in style, and when your busy day calls for minimal styling time, it's essential. A good stylist can help you understand your hair type and face shape, then guide you to a haircut that flatters and suits your lifestyle. When it comes to popular trends, voluminous locks with center parts or bangs that hint at '70s styles are current. A classic bob with a modern edge is always right.

And for a real head-turning look, try adding streaks of vibrant pastel color to your mane.

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