Finding a Bathing Suit That Won't Break the Bank

Bathing Suits by Activity

Swimmers: Because you're an athlete, you may look fantastic in most any suit, but your concern is function. You want your swimsuit to cover and to stay in place, and you're looking for speed. So if adding more dollars means shaving seconds from your time, you'll pay the price. Since your focus is function, style doesn't matter as much, which means you should take advantage of purchasing last season's swimwear. You'll find it at Web sites like If you're a serious swimmer, you may go through two suits a year, so you'll want to read the care instructions at the bottom of this article as well.

Splashers: You enjoy the water, but you aren't necessarily riding the waves or doing any back flips off the diving board. You like one-pieces, bikinis and tankinis. And for you, looking good both in and out of the water is the priority. Often last year's suit has not held up either in construction or style. So you should shop brands that allow you to mix and match fabrics and styles. For example, you could buy multiple two-piece tops to pair with one bottom. That'll give you more looks for less money.

Sunners: You enjoy the beach and the pool, but going in the water is not a priority. You just want to look your best. You like your suit to be made of fabric that flatters -- it lifts, it squeezes and, generally, it costs a bit more. If you buy this type of high-quality suit, you'll want to keep it for a long time to save money. So, read the following tips on how to extend its life.

Three Ways to Extend the Life of Your Bathing Suit

  1. Buy a good quality suit. The more spandex and lycra the better. These fabrics hold their shape and your shape.
  2. Hand-wash your bathing suit in a mild soap and do not dry in direct sunlight. Never use a washing machine or dryer because they'll break down the fabric.
  3. Avoid sitting or leaning on rough surfaces because they can destroy your suit. Be wary of hot tubs -- the heat and chemicals will destroy just about any fabric.

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