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Denim Fit and Find Guide for Pear Shapes

Finding Jeans That Fit

Whether you're shopping on a budget or armed with a sizable gift card, you'll find plenty of options for jeans that fit your pear-shaped figure. Just keep in mind, finding the right jeans can be like kissing a frog to find a prince: You may need to try a few!

In the designer jeans department, Joe's Jeans "Honey" fit is cut to flatter a voluptuous silhouette, and the boot cut leg opening provides balance to your figure. Gap, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, Lane Bryant and other retail stores offer a variety of styles and washes that are worth a look.

Or, go online to shop sites that were created to help the hard to fit. Little in the Middle is a specialty manufacturer of jeans for women who have small waists and curvy hips. Available from sizes from 00 to 20, their jeans are one size smaller in the waist than the hips. My True Fit lets you enter your measurements and fit preferences, and it will recommend jeans that will suit your shape at a range of prices.

What if you've found a pair that fits well in the hips and rear, but the back of the waist sticks out and offers a glimpse of skin? A tailor can take in the waistband so that they'll fit perfectly. The cost, usually between $20 and $30, is well worth the added confidence you'll feel. Or, look for brands designed to fit curvier figures -- the center seam is designed to hug your waist for a smoother fit.

If you're tempted to try out some of the new styles like boyfriend jeans -- those with a looser fit and often worn rolled up with heels -- tread with caution. The looser boyfriend jeans can make you look shorter and wider than you actually are. Similarly, super-skinny jeans on a gal with wider hips may result in an ice cream cone effect.

Slim leg jeans can work if they are specifically made for your figure type. Levi's, Joe's Jeans, and other jean makers have slimmer styles that are cut to accommodate fuller hips and thighs, so that you can enjoy the trend and look good doing it.

For the ultimate fit, check out a custom jeans maker. At, you simply enter your height, weight, body measurements and fit preferences to create a pair of jeans made especially for you.

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