Denim Fit and Find Guide for Pear Shapes

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Finding a great pair of jeans can make anyone jump for joy.

A great fitting pair of jeans can be a girl's best friend. If you have a pear-shaped figure, finding the right pair of jeans can be a little challenging. Once you've found them, though, you'll love the way they flatter your assets and take you from a morning of shopping to a night on the town.

What does a pear-shaped body look like? It simply means the hips are proportionately larger than the waist, resulting in rounded hips with a defined waist, or a fully rounded bottom half. Women with a pear shape have narrow shoulders and a smaller bust. They tend to gain weight in their bottom and thighs, while their stomachs remain flat and their waists small.

Celebrities like Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez are great examples of beautiful women with pear-shaped figures, and they prove just how fabulous this shape can look!

Dressing well is all about playing with style and proportion to draw attention to the features you want to emphasize, and camouflaging the problem areas. Keep these tips in mind when shopping for a pair of jeans to turn your pear shape into perfection:

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  • Look for a dark and even wash with a slight stretch. Avoid light color washes or styles with fading or "whiskering" around the hips or rear, because these accents call attention to the areas you want to downplay.
  • Choose denim styles that flow fully through the hip and thighs, such as boot-cut styles. The slight flare at the hemline will help balance out your hips. Trouser styles that snug through the hips and then wider through the legs are also very flattering.
  • Keep the details simple. Avoid small back pockets that can make the behind look bigger. Choose medium-sized pockets that angle slightly toward the center and are placed a bit higher than mid-cheek to help make the rear look perkier.
  • Look for a contoured waistband that starts higher in the back above your bottom and dips down in the front helps shape a curvy bottom and prevents fabric from bagging at the crotch.
  • Search for a fit that skims rather than hugs your legs. However, a fit that's too full can make your legs look larger than they really are.
  • Find a style with an outseam further towards the front to give the illusion of thinner thighs.

Read on to learn how where to start your search for the right pair of jeans.