5 Hottest Celebrity Fashion Trends

By: Stefani Newman

Celebrates always look glamorous, and you can too if you wear the right styles.
Celebrates always look glamorous, and you can too if you wear the right styles.
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Do celebrities create trends or just follow them? Like so many of us, celebs are often slaves to fashion, except they can actually afford to buy the hottest, most expensive trends. Stars crowd the front row at Fashion Week and grace the pages of tabloids and magazines in the newest looks. And while we're pretty sure most celebs have personal stylists helping them get dressed in the morning, it doesn't matter. When our favorite actor or actress is wearing something that appeals to us, we run, not walk, to find a similar (i.e., often more affordable) look for our own wardrobe.

This article will discuss who is currently wearing the hottest trends, from which colors are heating up the runway to the prints you'll see everywhere this year. We can't guarantee you'll look as good as these perfectly chiseled men and women, but it'll be close. And to be fair, you're not surrounded by people whose only job is to make sure you always look like a star.


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5: Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are as diverse as they are fashionable. Here, actress January Jones dons a maxi skirt in a retro style.
Maxi skirts are as diverse as they are fashionable. Here, actress January Jones dons a maxi skirt in a retro style.
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The recent maxi dress trend features skirts with a hemline that can reach as low as the floor (and sometimes beyond). Now the maxis have begun showing up in skirt form as well. Celebrities have embraced the maxi skirt because of the versatility of its prints and fabrics. These bohemian-inspired bottoms don't have to look sloppy, however. Maxi skirts can be dressed up with glittery tops and heels, a tailored jacket or kept casual with cotton tank tops and flat sandals. They can be more of a structured piece of clothing, or loose and flowy, depending on your shape. Celeb fans of the maxi skirt include Kate Hudson, Jessica Alba, Beyonce and the maxi queen, celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe.


4: Bold Colors

Celebrities constantly take risks when it comes to fashion. Whether on the red carpet or being snapped by the paparazzi, celebs seem to be able to pull off the hippest color trends season after season. This year, hot colors range from tangerine and sunshine yellow to pastels of all shades for women, with earthy tones from blues to rusts for men. These colors aren't just showing up in dresses and shirts, however. Colored jeans and pants are all the rage for both men and women. Sandals and shoes with loud splashes of color to dress up neutral outfits are also a hot fashion trend. And if you're too afraid to don a pair of yellow jeans, there are plenty of bright accessories to accent your outfit.

The beauty of bold colors is that just about anyone can pull off this trend. First lady Michelle Obama is a huge fan, as is Eva Longoria and Rihanna.


3: Prints

Check out Kendra Wilkinson's chic dress for proof that prints are about more than animal-inspired designs.
Check out Kendra Wilkinson's chic dress for proof that prints are about more than animal-inspired designs.
Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Prints are featured on clothing store racks everywhere right now. They've been seen on fashion runways, dresses, shirts, skirts and even shoes. Feminine floral prints such as polka dots range from pastel shades to neon pops of color. Prints can be featured boldly or as subtle accents, on soft, ruffled dresses or as an accent for a suit. African prints are big this spring, as are geometric patterns and simply out-there, futuristic looks.

Celebrities such as Michelle Williams and Nicole Richie embrace prints on a regular basis. Sarah Jessica Parker also doesn't shy away from them, and Kim Kardashian seems to be obsessed with animal prints of any and every style.


2: Stripes

Stripes are still making strong statements, but in very playful and unusual ways. Designers are showing stripes not only in basic black and white, but also in bold colors, asymmetrical lines and in differing widths. Celebrities who have embraced stripes include Taylor Swift and Ryan Gosling, two stars that we think would look good in anything.


1: All-American

Recent fashion trends for male celebrities seem to have been all about bringing back the classic all-American style. This includes the James Dean look with forever-cool jeans and a tee, "Mad Men"-inspired tailored suits and fashionable T-shirts. Ryan Gosling pulls off these looks well, both on the red carpet and in more casual outfits, and British soccer sensation David Beckham seems to live in this style.


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