10 Affordable Fall Fashion Finds


Animal Prints

Animal prints are in.
Animal prints are in.

Seems like our furry friends often end up as the "in" look, depending on the season, and leopard prints are one eye-catching example. Models sheathed in leopard print coats, dresses, scarves and even boots frequently strut their way down the runway.

Leopard prints are a fun accent, and they'll make any neutral color pop. You can even pair leopard with bright colors if you're feeling particularly whimsical. Just remember that with animal prints, a little goes a long way. We suggest wearing only one animal print piece -- don't do it head to toe. No mixing your animal prints, either. As in nature, zebra and leopard do not go together.

The great thing about prints is that they're simple to reproduce, and you should be able to find them easily for low prices.