Spring Trends for 2011

Flirty Fabrics
Keep the lace minimal and modern and you can't go wrong.
Keep the lace minimal and modern and you can't go wrong.

Feminine fabrics are the name of the game in this year's spring fashion. Gauzy, sheer fabrics popped up in a number of collections and are finding their way into stores. The difference is that runway models can be a little more risqué in how they wear these fabrics, often only in a single layer. That would get you tossed off the bus in the real world. Layering these gorgeous fabrics is the best way for the average Joan to go. Or, wear a solid top over a sheer one so that you have a sexy layer peeking out.

In keeping with the sheer trend, lace skirts and dresses are also hot right now, but no more of the stretchy lace frocks that have been popular in the recent past. Expect more antique-y fabrics in classic weaves. On the runways, crochet and macramé both made their fair share of appearances -- perhaps to accompany the bellbottoms. We'll see if they actually make it onto the racks. If not, you could always alter your retro flower pot hanger into a halter.

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