From Sack Coats to Trucker Hats: 100 Years of Men's Fashion

1920 to 1929

Nobody was anybody without a top hat and tails in the '20s.
Nobody was anybody without a top hat and tails in the '20s.
Fox Photos/Getty Images

The Roaring '20s was a decade of excess. A top hat and tail coat were typical attire for a night out on the town for any respectable male, and knickerbockers ( "knickers" for short), trouser-like shorts that came in plus-fours, sixes, eights and tens -- the numbers signifying how many inches below the knee they hung -- were extremely popular. In fact, knickers were in such demand that they brought into vogue the first-ever baggy pants fad.

Oxford bags were extremely wide trousers that Oxford University students wore to get around the school's ban on knickers. Students would put on a pair of knickers and then don the oversized pants to slip over and conceal the forbidden garb. The trend started with a handful of rebellious undergraduates at the prestigious English university, but it soon developed into a widespread fad on both sides of the pond.

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