Top 10 TV Style Trendsetters

Sonny Crockett ("Miami Vice")
Actor Don Johnson shows some ankle.
Actor Don Johnson shows some ankle.
Ron Galella/WireImage/Getty Images

It's amazing how many trends were inspired by '80s TV characters, considering the utter un-wisdom of so many of their styles. Case in point: Sonny Crockett, the pastel king of Miami law enforcement.

Don Johnson's character on "Miami Vice" made pale-pink T-shirts, sport coats and loafers, without socks, the most emulated look in the '80s. Sonny fought crime with flair, and women loved him. Men wanted to be him. A touch of pastel and oh-so-casual became the look of the trendy man.

And even today, a guy in pink -- that's confidence. We're down with it.

Loafers without socks, not so much.

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