Top 10 TV Style Trendsetters

Blair Waldorf ("Gossip Girl")

Resident "Gossip Girl" fashion plate Blair Waldorf spends more on clothing and accessories for a single appearance than some of us make in a year. Luckily, the most noticeable trend that character has sparked so far is a fairly attainable one.

Headbands. Sometimes retro-plastic, but more often satin-wrapped and sporting bows.

Before Blair, bulky headbands were a thing of the preppy '90s, most often seen on Polo-clad, straight-haired country club girls wearing tennis skirts or khakis, or else on 8-year-olds. Now (or at least a short time ago), they top the heads of the trendy, paired with everything from school-girl-chic ensembles to teenage-only (please) mini-mini dresses and 4-inch heels.

Blair, you've made a difference.

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