10 Things Not to Steal From Your Tween's Closet



Ruffles, if you must have them, should be considered an accessory. And, you should only have one funky accessory per outfit. Period. If it has to be a ruffle, keep these truths in mind. Ruffles add bulk, make you look sweet (not a great look if you're a power broker) and, if worn in great quantity, make you look older than you are. All in all, not a trio of traits we're looking for.

Your tween, however, is at just the right age to flounce a tier or two of ruffles, and manufacturers are zeroing in on the trend by offering ruffles on everything from scarves to skirts. So satisfy your ruffle addiction by buying her plenty of flouncing fabrics. When it comes to your own apparel, a soft lettuce-ruffle around the edge of a neckline should suffice.