10 Things Not to Steal From Your Tween's Closet



Leave the hair elastics to the under-13 set.
Leave the hair elastics to the under-13 set.

Worried you're just one accessory away from being confused with Miranda Cosgrove? Then step away from the scrunchie. And the flower-festooned barrette. And by all means, put down the Hannah Montana hair wrap.

Juvenile hair accessories simply aren't flattering for moms of tweens, so swap your tween hair doodads for the grown-up version. Instead of bright colors, opt for the subtlety of bands and barrettes that are the same color as your hair. This way, your hair accessories can still add trend-friendly style, but in a more intuitive way. If you're ready to go sans accessories, update your hairstyle (bangs soften the face and are oh-so-forgiving). And take care of those roots. Nothing dates a mom more than hair color that should have been touched up two weeks ago.