10 Things Not to Steal From Your Tween's Closet


Anything 'Juicy'

The right to express yourself through clothing isn't reserved only for tweens. After all, what we wear says a lot about our inner ambitions. But when it comes to emblazoning "juicy" in an Old English font across the seat of your sweatpants or slogging through the mall in a too-tight tee with a glittering slogan, it's definitely tween territory. The same goes for bedazzled rhinestone jeans.

Your tween may be able to pull off these very specific looks, but the fun stops there. If your T-shirt has a reference to the "Twilight" movie series, it's time for an update. Steer clear of seeming a bit out-of-step by tossing out the logo tees and replacing them with high-quality scoop-neck tees in solid, vibrant colors. You'll look relevant without veering into the ridiculous.