10 Things Not to Steal From Your Tween's Closet



Forget skinny jeans. Jeggings -- super-stretchy jean-like leggings -- are form-fitting in the extreme. So snug, in fact, that your tween may have trouble fitting her phone in the back pocket.

Conan O'Brien may have the chutzpah to wear jeggings on his late night talk show, vowing the stretchy pants are "a woman's fashion look that I absolutely love." But don't feel like you have to follow suit. Even if you're as lanky as O'Brien, leave the jeggings to your tween, whose pencil-like figure is built for the look. As for us, we'll stick to a pair of straight-leg jeans as we make this trend our own. After all, we're old enough to remember the siren song of spandex bicycle shorts.