10 Things Not to Steal From Your Tween's Closet

Low-rise Jeans

Your tween may secretly applaud your move to remain a chic sophisticate, as evidenced by the low-rise jeans you're wearing around town. But there's sure to be trouble in store. Low-rise (as in really low) jeans may translate into a continual tug to keep your jeans northward after every bend or stoop. Plus, a low-rise style can reveal a lot about your "personality," thanks to gaping waistbands. And this is something no tween wants to see.

The trick is to adapt a current style of jeans to your body type and personal style. You can wear boot-cut, mid-rise jeans with great aplomb, knowing you're in style but not baring your, ahem, "soul." This way, you look relevant -- not ridiculous. It's all part of modeling ageless fashion sense to your tween.

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