10 Things No One Should Wear. Ever.


Mom Jeans

Nobody looks good in mom jeans. Not even mom looks good in mom jeans. The term "mom jeans" was popularized by a 2003 "Saturday Night Live" parody that poked fun at a certain type of jeans worn by a certain type of woman -- someone out of touch with the latest fashions and culture. You know -- the way every teen thinks of his or her parents. Anyway, do you have a pair of mom jeans in your closet? Here is the criteria to help you sniff them out:

  • They're made of soft, easily washable denim.
  • They're a generous cut, especially around the waist.
  • They have a very high waistband.
  • They were likely purchased at a discount store.
  • They make your butt look huge.

Do you own a pair of jeans that meets these guidelines? Yes? Then we suggest you trash them and head to the mall ASAP. Try on as many pairs of jeans as it takes. We promise you'll find something that looks much better.