10 Spring Fashion Myths


Floral Patterns Are for Grandma

Earl Gibson III/FilmMagic

Many women are afraid to wear bold floral patterns for fear of looking like Grandma's couch or some unfortunate wallpaper. However, florals have come a long way. They don't have to be big, bold and overwhelming. You can find subtle flowery prints. Or keep it simple with a cardigan decorated with small rosettes. Or go for a bright, flowery sundress.

Fashion experts tell us that floral prints and bold colors tend to be popular during hard economic times. They give us a mental boost, especially needed after a long, hard winter. If you're ready to try out some florals, keep your body type in mind. Smaller women can get lost in a very bold print. Larger women can usually pull off a bigger print, but might want to pair it with a solid jacket. If you're top- or bottom-heavy, go for more delicate prints.