10 Spring Fashion Myths


You Have to Wear Pantyhose at the Office


Pantyhose are the enemy of most working women. They cut off circulation, roll down, and in the worst case scenario, provide a place for you to accidentally tuck in your skirt. Your take on whether pantyhose are required at the office probably boils down to your how old you are. Older women tend to feel that pantyhose are necessary. Younger women are comfortable going bare-legged.

So who's right? If the dress code at your office is formal, pantyhose, or a nice pair of black tights in the winter, are advisable. If your office is more casual, you can probably get away with going bare-legged with a nice pair of pumps or flats, as long as you wear a conservative length skirt. If you're worried about your legs being pale, try some of the new tinted moisturizers. They won't leave your legs streaked like a self-tanner, but will add some subtle color and even out tone.