10 Spring Fashion Myths


Don't Mix Bright Colors

Nick Harvey/WireImage

People are wary of mixing bright colors because they think they'll clash. But lately, colorful outfits decorate the runways, adding a sense of whimsical fun. We have two key pieces of advice on mixing bright colors: Don't wear too many colors at once, and balance them out with neutral accessories. Or, conversely, wear neutral clothes and a bunch of eye-popping color accessories, like shoes, clutches or chunky necklaces.

We've found the best bright colors to wear together are jewel tones. Try combining things like hot pink and purple, or yellow and turquoise, or royal blue and emerald green. If you want to experiment with mixing bright colors, but aren't quite ready to pull together an entire candy-colored outfit, try makeup. Mix up some hot pink lipstick with purple eyeshadow. Have fun with it!