10 Spring Fashion Myths


Don't Wear Suede in Warm Weather

Digital Vision/Thinkstock

Generally we consider suede a cold-weather fabric. Suede coats and suede boots are popular in autumn and winter, when they were paired with skinny jeans, gloves and scarves. But there's no reason you can't pull out the suede in the spring.

Here's why: Springtime usually brings with it some varied weather. One day it might be warm and mild; the next it's blustery and cool. Suede is a perfect material for this changing weather. A light suede jacket keeps you comfortable when it's chilly but peels off easily if it gets warm. Pick a brightly-colored jacket with ruffles and you'll look seasonally appropriate and flirty!

And don't forget about suede accessories. Sandals, clutches and even wrist cuffs always work. Our only warning about suede is: Don't wear it head to toe. Just one piece at a time and you'll be good to go.