10 Spring Fashion Myths

Only the Holidays Call for Sparkle

You see a lot of sequins and sparkle during the winter holiday season. It's completely appropriate for festive holiday occasions. But you don't have to put that glitter away just because winter is over. In fact, not only can you wear sequins in the spring, but you can even wear them during the day. Remember, today's fashion rule is that there are no rules.

Here's how to wear sequins during warm weather: Pick one sequin piece (don't wear sequins all over) -- maybe a cute sequined blazer paired with jeans, or a sheath dress emblazoned with sequins. Don't wear multi-colored sequins, though, unless you're going to an '80s party.

If you still think that sequins are for parties and nighttime only, try accessories. Sequined ballet flats are super cute and pair great with nice jeans. Or, carry a glam sequined clutch. Enjoy the glitz!

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