10 Modern Takes on Old Fashion Classics

Chevron and Sailor Stripes

A chevron is a V-shaped, right-side-up or upside-down pattern or design, and it has been popping up from the runways to the discount stores and in clothing from headwear to bikini tops to socks. The Italian design house of Missoni helped popularize chevron fabrics in the 1950s and '60s and had a unique return to international fame with similar designs with a department store line in 2011. Bold primary colors contrasted with white, multi-colored levels and pastel tangerines with gray are just some of the modern chevron variations, and they are found virtually everywhere.

Sailor-striped shirts in the traditional three-quarter sleeve style as well as in dress-length designs and cropped and fitted tanks and baby Ts also stay popular from decade to decade in one form or another. One timeless way to combine the sailor stripe with another classic is to wear it beneath a navy blazer -- whether of the nautical, gold- or silver- buttoned or completely deconstructed kind.

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