10 Modern Takes on Old Fashion Classics

Capri Pants

Somewhere between a pair of pants and a pair of shorts is the capri pant, or capris. Most capris extend below the knee and well above the ankle, separating themselves from above-the-knee Bermuda shorts and at-the-ankle slim-fit pants. Once a suitable replacement when shorts were considered too casual and pants too warm for the season, capris have become more prevalent in casual wear, as well as business wear as a classic in every woman's wardrobe.

Traditionally capri pants were tailored pants in cottons, denims and twills that hit the below-knee mark, but recent decades have seen sweat pant capris, stretchy capri leggings and even silk, rayon and other luxury fabric styles.

Wearing capris with a T-shirt and boat shoes is as classic as pairing them with a button-down and ballet flats, and with so many options in material and style, capris are in many ways as versatile and modern as jeans.

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