10 First Job Fashion Essentials


Pencil Skirt

Go minimalist with a simple pencil skirt.
Go minimalist with a simple pencil skirt.
Deborah Jaffe/Workbook Stock/Getty Images

From Mary Tyler Moore to Carla Bruni-Sarkozi, pencil skirts are the must-have skirt of the modern, professional woman. Minimalist and unassuming, they're a blank canvas to your fashion imagination. Tucked or untucked, belt or no belt, your pencil skirt is the ultimate in stylish versatility.

Paired with a white blouse and jacket, it's a below-the-radar bottom. Mix that same skirt with a red silk blouse, on the other hand, and it becomes a sleek, sexy accessory. Windy day? Not to worry -- even with blustery breezes, this skirt will keep your tush covered.